Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Make a Teddy Bear from Towels for Your Next Babyshower

There are lots of ways to make a teddy bear but most of those ways take skill, money and lots of time. You can make a cute little white bear for a baby shower, though, and it wont take much money or time! In fact, it takes only minutes to create it, and when its done, it can be a centerpiece, baby gift or just a bear for your own bathroom.

Youll need two bath towels, two hand towels, and six wash cloths to make the bear. White is perfect for a baby shower but you can use brown, black or other colors. The towels can be thick or thin. Obviously, thick towels will make a bulkier bear than thin towels. To start creating the bear fold one bath towel, lengthways, then roll it from one end to the other. Take the second bath towel, fold it lengthways, and position the rolled towel on the end of it. Roll the second towel around the first one. Use a safety pin to hold the rolled towels in place. This large roll will become the body of the teddy bear.

Use the two hand towels to make the bears head. Fold one towel in half lengthways, roll it up, then wrap the second towel around it, as you stated above with the bath towels. Pin the towels in place to secure. Place the bath towel roll on a flat surface and stack the hand towel roll on top. Use double-sided tape to hold the head on the body. The body and head both should be facing you to where you can see the rolled-up ends of each. Use all four wash cloths in the same manner: roll them up and use a safety pin to secure. Two of the wash cloths will become the bears ears. Position them on the "head" of the bear and use double-sided tape to secure them. Two more of the rolled wash cloths will become the upper legs and the last two wash cloths will become the lower legs. All four legs will be attached to the sides of the rolled bath towels. Place all four legs on the sides of the towels, using double-sided tape to secure them, and placing them to where the rolled ends can be seen. After youve secured all four legs you can then embellish the towels to create the look of the bear. A few inexpensive craft supplies will help you accomplish just the design you want. Use large wiggly eyes, affixed with double-sided tape, to make the eyes. Instead of craft eyes you can use black pom-poms. Cut a circle of brown cloth or felt to make the muzzle. A black pom-pom or bead works great for the nose. Attaching everything with double-sided tape pieces allows the recipient to later tear the bear apart and use the towels. Tie a ribbon around the bears "neck", attach flowers to the head area, or further embellish. You can wrap a rubber band around one of the "hands" and insert a small bundle of flowers. The bear will look like its holding a small bouquet. Other embellishments might include circles of black felt to put over the ends of the legs, a small basket for the bear to hold, or just a giant bow on top of the head. Give the bear the look you want for the occasion. The towel bear is perfect for a baby shower. You can use pink or blue towels, but white works well, too. The bear can be presented to a woman at the hospital, after the baby is born, and can hold balloons in one "hand". Simply tie the balloon strings to one of the wash cloth "arms". You dont have to be having a celebration to make the bear. Create one for your bathroom and just set it on a shelf. Or, make one for your own new baby and set it in his or her bedroom. The towel teddy bear is unique, inexpensive, and easy enough that anyone can make it.

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